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La Maison du vélo in brussels

Bikes for everyone

Vélos de ville urbains Bruxelles

city/trekking bikes

Your daily companion that will take you anywhere anytime. Total freedom is at a pedal’s stroke! We have the following brands: VSF Fahrradmanufaktur, Fuji, Breezer, Stevens

Vélos électriques Bruxelles


The future of mobility awaits you. Everw opportunity is good to take the bike out of the garage. We sell : Moustache, Tern, Vélo de ville, Stevens, Bergamont, Ahooga, Brennabor, Brompton.

Vélo Cargo Bike LongTail Bruxelles

Longtails or cargo bikes

They see us rolling, they hatin’! Take your kids on a longtail bike, and discover the wonders of cycling with your whole family

We sell : Bike43, Tern, Moustache

Vélos gravel rando Bruxelles

Gravel/adventure bikes

The world is your oyster! We have the perfect bike to tour the world, or Schaerbeek ! We sell: Genesis, Conway, Fuji, Breezer, VSF Fahrradmanufaktur.

Vélos pliables Bruxelles

Foldable bikes

Multi-modality at it’s finest. Take your bike on the train, in the car, public transport… you name it!

We sell: Brompton, Ahooga and Tern.

Vélos enfants Bruxelles

Kid’s bikes

It all starts here. We sell: BeMoov, Puky, Woom, Conway.

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Les marques de vélos
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La Maison du Vélo

Avenue Milcamps 235,
1030 Brussels (Schaerbeek)

Monday 10:00 am to 05:00 pm
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